Health services in our university are carried out under the supervision of the Health, Culture and Sports Directorship. There is a doctor on site available during working hours.

If an academic and administrative staff person has a health related concern they can apply to the Health Centre with the appropriate examination application form and health card and be examined. These forms can be obtained from the head of the department and then an appropriate course of referral or treatment will be given. Personnel with SSK may fill their prescriptions with an %80 reduction in the cost of the prescription.

Our university students can also benefit from examinations and emergency help without payment. Students with private health insurance policies can fill their prescriptions from the pharmacies covered by their policy. For emergency cases, appropriate first aid will be administered and transportation to a hospital may be arranged if necessary.

Health and Safety Duties

  1. To ensure regular physical examinations of food service employees to ensure their health and the health of those receiving their services, in compliance with necessary health and hygiene standards.
  2. Informing and advising individuals about significant health concerns or threats as necessary
  3. Examinations of sports team participants will be completed at the university to ensure that participants in sports activities are at no risk of injuring or endangering themselves.
  4. Necessary physical examinations for prospective employees and current staff will be completed in a timely manner.
  5. Health related projects and news will be announced in our web site.