Yaşar University’s Health Care infirmary is the first place of resort for the students for any kind of health problems. A full-time occupational physician and occupational health nurse work at Yaşar University Health Center. It provides health services free of charge for all students enrolled in associate, undergraduate and graduate programs of Yaşar University as well as the full and part-time, administrative and academic staff. The main purpose of our University’s Health Center is to provide qualified “Primary Health Services” including personalized preventive healthcare and primary diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and consultancy services to all of our students, academic and administrative staff.


Medical examination: The Personnel are examined upon recruitment and periodically. The physician examines the students and the staff and prescribes medications, which can be bought by our personnel from all SGK-contracted pharmacies.


  • Medical treatment when necessary (as prescribed by the health center)

  • Measuring blood pressure and heart rate

  • EKG

  • Measuring fever and blood sugar

  • Oxygen delivery

  • Injection (IM,IV,SC)

  • Dressing

  • Bandaging and splinting

  • Inoculation

  • Patient follow-up in the infirmary when necessary

Preventive Health Services

  • The physician and the nurse inform you about your wellness and diseases and guide you to the appropriate facility.

  • We share information on seasonal and current diseases on the university’s website and electronic boards, and also organize trainings when needed.

  • The places on the campus such as kitchens, bathrooms, cafeterias and cafes are regularly checked for sanitary conditions.

First Aid

  • The health team takes action in case of emergency, by making the first intervention of the people, and if necessary, for the referral to the hospital.