Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services

Psychological Counselling Unit provides psychological counselling and guidance services to Yaşar University students and staff and aims to assist individuals in their personal, social and academic development.

The Mission, Objective and Intended Learning Outcomes of the Psychological Counselling Unit

The mission of Yaşar University Psychological Counselling Unit is to contribute to the personal, social and academic development of university students and staff; to facilitate their adaptation process to university life and to provide them with the necessary skills to cope with the problems they may encounter in the future.

In line with this mission, the objectives are:

  • To provide assessment and individual counselling services regarding personal, social and academic issues,
  • To provide protective and preventive mental health services,
  • To provide services that will support the psycho-social development of individuals.


In the Psychological Counselling Unit, personal information and interview contents are never shared with anyone unless the person gives permission.
However, the necessary people may be informed if either the client’s or someone else’s life is at risk. On the other hand, even under these circumstances, the counsellor tries to persuade the client first before someone else is called.

What are the General Principles of Individual Counselling Application and Counselling Process?

  • All academic/administrative staff and all students registered at Yaşar University can benefit from individual psychological counselling service.

  • Individual psychological counselling service is offered free of charge.

  • It is essential that individual counselling application and process are maintained voluntarily.

  • Individual interviews are kept confidential in accordance with professional ethical rules.

  • In the first meeting, the client and the counsellor agree upon what kind of service the client will receive from the PCU as well as the day and time of the following meeting.

  • As a result of mutual assessment, the client may be referred to another specialist or unit/institution if deemed appropriate.

  • If there are no individual interview appointments available, clients will be placed on the waiting list.

What is done when Psychological Counselling Service is Not Sufficient?

When psychological counselling service is not sufficient and additional medical or psychiatric support is needed, clients are transferred to the infirmary, healthcare facilities or psychiatrists.

What kind of Services are offered apart from Psychological Counselling?

In the event of risky situations (such as thoughts of violence towards oneself and others or psychotic disorders, etc.), the student’s family, advisor and the university administration will be informed, and the student will be transferred to a healthcare facility when deemed necessary.

Psychological support will be offered to students, their families and staff after traumas (like suicide, loss/mourning, etc.)

Consultation services will be offered in case the students or staff members of the university request opinions on the problems of the third parties and guidance will be provided when necessary.

How to apply to Yaşar University Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit?

• By filling out the online application form (link for online application)

• Via e-mail ([email protected] or [email protected])

• Through phone call (232 570 75 35)

• In person (Building Y, ground floor 005)

Exam Anxiety
Efficient Study Methods
Anger Management
Suicide Prevention
Panic Attack

Psychosocial Support Guide For University Students


You can access the presentation on Efficient Study Methods prepared by the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit of Yaşar University Health Culture and Sports Directorate from the Efficient study methods planned study files.

You can access the presentation on Exam Anxiety, prepared by the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit of Yaşar University Health Culture Sports Directorate, from Exam Anxiety and Ways of Coping Files.

You can access the presentation on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder file.

You can access the presentation on Suicide Prevention and Ways of Coping with Anger, prepared by the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit of Yaşar University Health, Culture and Sports Directorate, from the files of Preventing Suicide and Ways of Coping with Anger and Anger.